Business Consulting, Incubation and Development


The Business Development and Incubation Services of the EDC include:

Business Coaching

The EDC’s business coaching is a formal interaction, whereby technical and experienced personnel of the Centre meet with GhSMEs on one-on-one basis to discuss pertinent issues with regards to business formulization and growth.


The EDC Mentoring programme is a personal developmental arrangement in which experienced personnel of the Centre serves as mentors to GhSMEs. The mentoring programme is aimed at guiding GhSMEs develop the skills, confidence and systematically implement time-tested programmes to ensure growth and sustainability. 

Assistance to launching and growing new businesses

Under this initiative, the EDC supports the GhSME to identify and explore new business opportunities.

Opportunities to share experiences and best practice

The EDC facilitates the sharing of peer-to-peer experiences among GhSMEs to enable new GhSMEs in the oil industry tap into the experiences of those with some practical and useful lessons to share.

Identification of opportunities for joint ventures and other business relationships

Most GhSMEs face capacity and capability challenges when tendering for relatively bigger contracts. To help curb these challenges, the Centre sensitizes and encourages GhSMEs to explore the possibility of entering into joint venture arrangement with other business entities.

Identification, communication and advice on obtaining relevant national and international standards, certification and accreditations

The EDC sensitizes GhSMEs on the need to seek requisite certification and standards for their respective operational capabilities

Advise on marketing capabilities as a supplier to the oil sector

The EDC creates awareness among GhSMEs to seize all appropriate opportunities to market their respective capabilities.

Developing international procurement capabilities

One major challenge faced by most GhSMEs is about little or no knowledge on international procurement procedures and processes. The EDC supports GhSMEs to develop their procurement seminars, training and also peer-to-peer experience sharing fora.

Advice on contract bidding

Pursuant to the strategic position of the EDC as a liaison unit between IOCs/Contractors and the GhSMEs, the Centre is able to notify GhSMEs about emerging opportunities based on the procurement plans of the IOCs/Contractors.

Provide feedback sessions for unsuccessful bidders for learning and improvement purposes

As part of its monitoring mechanism to improve service delivery, the EDC solicits feedback from IOCs/Contractors on behalf of unsuccessful GhSMEs either following pre-qualification or tendering processes.